dear people,

this server is under construction and will be released when the server has finished. roughly mid-July
things to expect:
-online shop to buy items from other players online shop with game credits, being able to see your own inventory online! (and much more)
-automated gift Cron’s hourly rewards for players being online at that moment.
-dedicated forum to go with, for guides server plugin requests and support.
-live chat app for android users, chat directly with players using the app!
-live chat on the forum for support, and to chat with the players.
-information main site with information about the Minecraft server.
-each 30 minutes automated backups, never fear of losing too much!
-the server has a 1-gigabyte internet speed download/upload.
-run from an SSD bringing that extra SPEED!
-much more to come!

are you interested in helping with the build? do you have Minecraft experience? do you have an awesome fantasy?
then we are looking for you! please contact me on skype HostMarcel
don’t have skype but would like to contact me? discord HOST#0001 or twitter hostmarcel

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